• Spider vein removal
Spider veins are small yet noticeable markings that can appear on the ankles, calves or the face. As we grow older, these red or blue veins can be see on both men and women. Men have less noticeable degrees of spider vein markings due to the presence of body hair. However, both men and women start to have significant spider vein markings on the face as they age.

Silk Skin’s ND
:Yag technology can safely remove spider veins under 3mm. It is so effective, it can even clear up leftover spider veins after treatments like sclerotherapy. The ND: Yag is the same device used in laser hair removal. Due to its versatility, the machine can be calibrated to target and remove spider veins most areas of the body. Read more about spider vein removal below, or call us at (972) 404-0006 to schedule a free consultation in Plano.