IGentleMax Laser system utilizes with Quasi-Long-Pulse to effectively treat to sun spots frikles and other pigmentation disorders. 755nm wavelength of GentleMax laser is easily absorbed into the pigmented lesions, which allows selectively targeting and eliminating melanin without causing laser burn on the skin.

Laser Toning can minimize the damage on melanocytes – melanin producing cells located in the bottom layer of the skin’s epidermis since it uses more secure energy output than existing Nd:YAG Laser, thus, reducing the risk of hyperpigmentation. Laser delivers greater result on targeting intractable melanin rooted deep in the dermis as it is able to penetrate much deeper into the dermis than other skin whitening laser systems

Pigmentation is caused by an excessive amount of melanin found in certain cells on the body’s surface. These cells usually carry a higher level of “melanocytes”, which produce the melanin that causes individual areas to become pigmented.

There are numerous factors that can cause this, such as Hormones, Ageing, Hereditary Factors, Excessive exposure to the sun, Pregnancy, and the contraceptive pill.

FAQs For Pigment Lesions

  • How many treatments will I need?

    At silk skinLaser center, we recommend anywhere from 3 to 4 treatments to and should be done in3 months. This will also depend on the type and size of the pigmented lesion you have. We recommend on starting with a course of 4 treatments and evaluating the effectiveness from there.

    We also recommend to undergo medical microdermabrasions inbetween each treatment in order to keep the treated area in the best possible condition. This will help in achieving the most effective results.

  • How will the skin react?

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  • How will the skin react?

    Following the treatment, the pigmentation will appear red and darker and can take up to 2 weeks to flake off. Swelling and redness of the treated area is common and can take up to 48 hours to settle.

  • What type of results should I expect?

    Most clients report a 70% or greater improvement over the duration of their course of treatments.

Pigment Lesions Before and After Photos


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